Charles Kent

Current Affiliation: IP Mediate

Charles Kent

Mediation Training & Experience:

  •  Mediator training programs:
    •  Saskatchewan Department of Justice (1996)
    • Canadian Institute for Conflict
      • Resolution directed specifically to mediation of IP disputes;
  • Mediation courses
    •  WIPO
    •  INTA
  • Mediation training of others through organizations such as the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada.
  • Mediating disputes in patent, trademark
    & copyright fields.
  • Mediating Federal Government labour disputes while a member of the Public Service Staffing Tribunal.

IP Experience:

  • Lawyer, patent agent and trademark agent in Ottawa
  • Smart & Biggar (1970 -1974),
  • Burke- Robertson (1974-1995),
  • Kent & Edgar and Ridout & Maybee, retiring in at the end of 2008.
  • Practiced in all fields of IP law advising clients on protecting, asserting and defending their IP rights in Canada and Internationally.




IP Mediate
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